Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015






I still remember the jittery, exciting feelings I had when I booked my ticket to Amsterdam. What an intense thrill that sent a chill down my spine with anticipation as I hit “purchase”! I could not wait to be in a city that is so free and liberating and that is so famous for food and fun. I’d heard stories of the myriad of bikes scattered about, the many different eclectic pubs you can find, and all the interesting people. When I arrived, my expectations were blown away! I felt as though I’d conquered one of my goals, crossing a big item off my bucket list. The weather was perfect the entire trip until the last day when it started pouring rain, but rain is no reason to stay inside when you’re in Amsterdam! The food, as expected, was absolutely incredible, unlike anything I had ever tried! The people were even more interesting. I just couldn’t get enough of them. I met a lot of fellow foodies who share the same passion for food as I do and I found so many great places to eat! Amsterdam truly influenced me and my cooking and I’m excited to incorporate Amsterdam’s quirky flare into recipes for you! I can’t wait to return and keep blogging about all the amazing food and inspiration Amsterdam has to offer!